Exercise for your dog is very important, just as it is for humans.

Routine exercise makes them strong, healthier, happier and they sleep better.

A dog that gets regular exercise is more content and fit.

A daily walk is healthy exercise. A dog whose exercise needs are met may rest more calmly at home and be less fretful when left alone. Exercise can improve bone and joint health also heart and lung function can improve.

When you leave your dog home alone they get bored.

Bored dogs get into trouble and develop unwanted behavior.

One fundamental causes of unwanted behavior in dogs is frustration due to lack of exercise.

When a dog is left in the house or back yard all day everyday he starts to go a little nutty. If you really want a well behaved dog they need exercise for their minds and body everyday.

Exercise is important for your dogs well being and health. A healthy dog is a happy dog. They will be your loyal friend for life and a content companion. Do it for your dog!!

The purity of a person's heart can be quickly measured by how they regard animals

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